STEP 5: DO —- Part 4: Mobilize.

Mobilize: v. to organize people or resources in order to be ready for action or in order to take action    

A group mobilized to pack care packages for American soldiers

We are all a part of a community larger than our immediate sphere of influence. Whether it be a church, city, school, or workplace, the best way to utilize these communities in order to change the world is to mobilize them. This does not mean that not mean that you need to make it your responsibility to make sure that every person within this larger community is committed to your cause. However, if you make it easy for them, their voice can fight for your cause. One common way to mobilize a community is through letter-writing campaigns. In other words, offer information about your passion and then offer the opportunity for people to send letters or sign petitions directed at people in power in order for them to make a difference right there and then. There are other ways as well. For example, a college group at a church decided to volunteer for an organization that was renovating apartments for survivors of sex trafficking on a specific day. That day, an entire college ministry made a difference. The point here is not how you mobilize your community, but that it can be done, and it does change the world.

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