For the Ladies (and party-lovin’ men)…

Who doesn’t love a good wedding shower or tea party? Cute finger sandwiches, delicious cakes, sundresses, games, and girl talk… What’s not to love?

Shower the Girls

I recently found out of a way to make a lasting impact in the lives of young women who have survived sex trafficking while enjoying all of these lovely things. Wellspring Living, an extremely effective aftercare program for survivors of sex trafficking located in Atlanta, Georgia, has recently opened up something called the Empowered Living program for young women who have survived sex trafficking that are old enough for independence, but would still benefit by having Wellspring’s resources and community available to them. Fortunately, there is a way that we can all help with this new venture! Since everyone needs things to furnish their home, and these young women are no exception, Wellspring has developed an Amazon Wishlist for this very purpose. So, if you and a few friends want to help, but your wallets are a little thin to be able to buy everything on the list that you want to, try to throw a Shower the Girls Party! Basically, you would have a wedding shower-esque party, only no one is getting married. Invite women from your church, school, work, and on the invitations, direct them to the wishlist and ask them to bring one item in order to help these women and enjoy the party! This concept would also work well for movie nights, birthday parties, anything you and your friends enjoy! I am going to try to incorporate this into an RA program for my dorm in the fall.

A cute guide for tea party planning

Are you going to throw one? What variations could someone use with this idea?


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