Best Gift Idea… Ever.

I had the idea for this post a few days ago, and I decided to wait until Christmas-time to post it. Obviously, I didn’t make it until Christmas. This is because although the World Concern Global Gift Guide is great to use for Christmas gifts, it is also great to use for any gift you want to give. Ever.

Basically, the World Concern Global Gift Guide is an online catalog consisting of things that you can buy that change the

Child receiving the “44 cent cure” from World Concern’s Global Gift Guide

world! And, you can buy them for other people. This is great because with all of the choices, you can buy something that is close to the gift-recipients heart. For example, my friend is a teacher, so for Christmas last year, I bought her a year of education for a child that would normally go without. For my mom’s birthday, I bought her a goat for a child that can use that goat to get valuable nutrients and income from the milk, fur, and (in desperate situations) meat. You can also buy vaccines, small businesses, clean water, emergency food, the possibilities are endless.

When you buy a gift from the World Concern Global Gift Guide, the gift will be given to the person that needs it, and a nice card will be sent (with a personal, handwritten message) in your name to the gift recipient, telling them exactly what the gift is, how it works, and making them ever-so-happy. This is such a great gift idea because it raises awareness, gets help to people that need it, and lets your friend or family member know how much they are loved.

Also, just in case you were wondering, World Concern got the highest rating possible from Charity Navigator, and 95 cents of every dollar they receive goes directly to relief and development. All in all, they are an amazing, accountable organization. Any person should be honored to receive a gift that benefits this organization.

So, I just want to encourage you to buy a gift from them for the next birthday or other  event for which you would buy a gift. Since you spend money on that person anyways. it might as well change the world!


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