Amazima is AMAZING

Most of the posts on this blog are centered on ways that everyday people can change the world. However, this is less about that and more about how one amazing woman did change the world with incredible faith in God and complete abandon. I am posting this because I think it is an encouraging story that can cause all of us to get up and go outside of our comfort zone to help people and glorify God.

Katie Davis went on a mission trip to Uganda her senior year of high school. After falling in love with people in Uganda, she went against what her parents wanted when she moved there to teach kindergarten, for a year. But, God had other plans and stirred Katie’s heart to the point that she became an adoptive mother to what is now 13 beautiful girls, broke up with her boyfriend, gave up having a college education, and started loving and serving the people in her community however she could.

Five years later, and that reckless following of Jesus has created Amazima Ministries. Now, they have a vocational program, they feed 1,600 mouths daily, a child sponsorship program to send children to school, and they reach out to a Masese community. You can read more about the day-to-day workings on Katie’s blog and Amazima’s blog.

What I love about Amazima is that they seem to meet people where they are at. Even though the founder, Katie, is from Tennesee, it doesn’t seem to me that they are trying to spread Western culture, just God’s love. So, please be encouraged by Katie’s story. She is living proof that one person can make a huge difference by following God’s will for their life.

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