Use Social Media to Change the World

If you are reading this (a blog), you likely have some knowledge of social media. Something that surprised me as I started to volunteer a lot within the nonprofit sector, is how much  organizations rely on Social Media for awareness, donor relations, fundraising, and public relations. Additionally, social media gives you access to hundreds of people on your personal pages, that is a larger audience than most people ever had before the onset of social media. I know a lot of people are very busy, and find it hard to volunteer on a regular basis. By using social media to volunteer, you can volunteer without even leaving your computer. Everyone has time for that. That being said, here are two ways to change the world using your computer.

1. Volunteer to Manage/ Update Social Media Outlets for Nonprofit Organizations

Bloggers and other people that use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) have a rare but necessary skill within the nonprofit sector. You can volunteer for many organizations to manage their social media pages. You can find organizations looking for this kind of help using a great, free online service called Sparked.

2. Use Your Own Social Media Outlets to Raise Awareness and Call to Action

This one is easy. Simply use one social media update (it can be WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or whatever other outlet you choose) to raise awareness about an issue or a non profit, once every two weeks, to make a difference and show your friends and followers what your care about.

So, there you have it. Let me know how it goes!


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