Reminder: Six Steps to Change the World

For today’s blog, I want to encourage you to look back at the first group of posts in this blog: Six Steps to Change the World. I am posting this reminder because when I posted the blog posts at the start of this blog, I did not have as many followers, and I think that these posts are among the most important. So, please look these over. I think that by following some of the advice in these posts, we can all make a real difference.

Step 1: Find your passion.

Step 2: Educate Yourself.

Step 3: Find others who share your passion.

Step 4: Pray.

Step 5: Do. Part 1: Build Relationships.

Step 5: Do. Part 2: Raise Awareness.

Step 5: Do. Part 3: Volunteer

Step 5: Do. Part 4: Mobilize

Step 5: Do. Part 5: Found/ Career

Step 6: Sustain.


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