Need a push to change the world? Here are a few…

All of us can easily become settled into self-serving daily routine. By all of us, I mean me, too. A desire to change the world can be overshadowed by our everyday schedules. Recently, I was in a meeting that completely snapped me out of my day-in, day-out, volunteer once a week, slump. This meeting inspired me to love what I was doing, thank God for the opportunity, and to do more, with more purpose than ever before.

This got me thinking. A lot of people are likely in that “slump” as well. We want to change the world, but we are busy and uninspired. Therefore, here are three things that I think might inspire you like my meeting inspired me.

1.  Triage: James Orbinski’s Humanitarian Dilemma (Documentary)

This is honestly an amazing documentary. It is about a man that did amazing work with Doctors Without Borders, and about the struggles of humanitarian work. It will definitely move you to action.

2. Inspiring Bloggers

Thanks to Just a Quote (a really great blog if you love powerful quotes as much as I do), I have been nominated for the Inspiring Blogger Award. So, in light of that, I want to pass on that nomination to a few blogs that I believe will inspire you to change the world for this same award. Reading the right words have moved some of history’s most influential people to do what they have done. Here are a some words worth reading…

The Voice of Wellspring

This is a great blog following Wellspring Living and Sex trafficking news that will cause you to want to end slavery, and show you how.

Kisses from Katie

The only blog that has moved me to tears more times than I care to admit. This is Katie Davis’ chronicle of her journey in Uganda with her thirteen daughters and Amazima, her ministry.

Jump for Joy Photo Project

A really happy blog that will help create really happy people. I don’t know why it will move you to change the world, but I like this a lot, so it made the list.

3. Meet with People Changing the world

Much like my meeting that caused me to write this blog to begin with, meeting with people that are humble, intelligent, and making a real difference, can inspire you to do the same. I can’t emphasize this enough. We become like the people that we are around. If we around people who are apathetic, we will influence them, but they also influence us. Try to meet with and be around people who are changing the world, and join them in their efforts whenever possible. My general experience is that the more you pour out, the more you will get back.

Hopefully you will take up these suggestions if you find yourself in the same slump that I did. You can change the world, keep up the effort!

“I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” -Edward Everett Hale


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