Hope that Heals

When I was fourteen, I had the privilege of travelling to Memphis, Tennessee to participate in a mission trip with Habitat for Hope, an organization founded by a family that used to be a part of my church. After their daughter  was diagnosed with cancer, and then thankfully went into remission, God called them to care for families of terminally ill children. Therefore, they moved to Memphis, a city that contains two major children’s hospitals for children with cancer and other terminal illness. There, they founded Habitat for Hope, an organization that serves as a financial, emotional, and spiritual support network. It was so obvious to me when I was there that this support network is crucial to both the children and their families. I cannot imagine the fear and anxiety that goes along with having a child diagnosed with a terminal illness. A major way to be Jesus’ hands and feet can be to care for these families.

Ronald McDonald House Logo

So, if you live in Memphis, you should definitely consider volunteering with Habitat for Hope. However, if you, like me, do not live in Memphis, and if your heart breaks for these families to the point that you want to walk along side them, please consider partnering with Ronald McDonald House Charities. A Ronald McDonald house is located by nearly every major hospital that cares for a large number of terminally ill children. It provides housing for patients  and their families, as well as meals, playtime, and fun activities.

Your interaction with children who are terminally ill and their families will brighten their day, but it will change your life. I honestly believe that God will use your experience in this type of ministry, like he did mine. He can use it to help you live life with a supernatural joy and authenticity that you will see more clearly in these children than anyone else.


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