What you’ve got…

It is really easy to feel as though people around you do not care about helping others. Because of this, it can be easy to feel helpless to do anything to make a change for the better. However, let me assure you, most people do care. A lot of times, they might just need you to rally them together to do something. I learned this lesson clearly this week through my cross country team. I love my team. One of them suggested volunteering as a team, so I offered up the middle school where I work part time for them to start a cross  country/ track program with the kids. I was amazed at the response. Literally the entire team is on board to go to a middle school and volunteer their time out of their already very busy schedules to spend time with kids who otherwise may not have a lot of exposure to fitness and/or people close to them in college.

That anecdote was not entirely pointless. Today’s suggestion for how you can change the world is to use what you already have to make a difference. For example, my team has enthusiastic college kids that know about running. The perfect match is to work with will-be first generation college students to start a cross country team. What do you have that you can do something with? Do you like to read? Start a book club at a local after school program. Do you have young kids? Volunteer to watch their friends to give a tired mom a break. The point being: changing the world is not an abstract concept for the Mother Teresas of the world. Changing the world is a process that happens every day because people use what they have, not what they wish that they had, to make someone’s day better. Once you commit yourself to that, you will not only see a change in the world, you will see a change it yourself.

What can you use to change the world? What will you do?


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