Apathy is Lethal

I read the phrase “apathy is lethal” today on a promotion for a charity raising awareness about AIDS in Africa. It is so strange how true those three depressing words are in this day and age. We are overloaded with information, poorly framed and biased, about the huge amounts of suffering in the world and all the wrongs being done. Information is good, awareness can lead to action. However, as always, there is a flip side.

We become so desensitized to this information, that we fall into a state of apathy

For example, everyone knows that there are people starving and people with AIDS, and a lot of people know that there is slavery and crippling poverty all over the world. We see 60 Minutes specials about the latest tragedy, we read blogs (cough, like this one, cough) that talk about so many problems going on all around us, that even if we know what to do to help, we have no idea where to start.

It is Ok to feel like this, to be overwhelmed, and to feel like there is nothing you can do. It is definitely not Ok, however, if you let these emotions disguise themselves in the form of a deep-rooted apathy about the world and it’s problems. It is not Ok to not care, to not act, and to move on. Apathy is lethal, and inaction is lethal.

Please, if you do nothing else today, realize that although you may not save the world, you can save a life.

You can not do everything, but pick your passion and move forward with it. Use tools designed for people like you, such as The Six Steps and start small, you can do this.

Apathy is a choice, and so is action. One of these will define your life in one way or another. Which do you want to define you?

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