Make Your Town a Fair Trade Town

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago a new initiative that I am working on, Fair Trade Atlanta, and Ifairtrade1 want to now talk about it here because I think it lends itself to other people doing this same thing in their own cities, and the point of this blog is to inspire people to do something that positively impacts the world. I am working with Fair Trade Towns USA and some community organizers to encourage Atlanta to become a fair trade city, meaning that the products sold here are not produced by slaves. Fair Trade Atlanta began at the beginning of this month. It is an initiative to end the use of slave made goods in Atlanta, GA. Obviously, due to the wide range of the internet, most of you are probably not from Atlanta. However, any city can be improved in the sense that it can use less slave-made products and have citizens more aware about slavery. So, I want to encourage you to either start or join a fair trade campaign right where you are. To make it less daunting, here are a few ways to do that.

  • Check the Fair Trade Towns USA webpage and get involved with them. One, they likely already know of people working in your town to make it fair trade. Also, they have valuable resources to help you get people to buy-in to the idea.
  • Look at the five steps on the Organize page and do them! Make your town a fair trade town
  • Start looking for fair trade businesses and patronize them!
  • Spread the word: Hold events in your city or town that raise awareness about human trafficking and how the purchase of fair trade products can help to end it. Some great resources for a fair trade chocolate themed Valentine’s Day event can be found here

Good luck!


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