Three Reasons to Save 3 Lives Today by Giving Blood

blooddrive1Sometimes it may feel as if we have to do something beautiful and lofty in order to change the world. However, there are opportunities all around us. For example, pretty much every school or major place of employment organizes blood drives. And, pretty much every student or major employee finds reasons why they can’t. Obviously, there are rules about people under a certain weight, people that have lived in certain places, etc. that are valid excuses for not giving blood. But, being busy or squeamish should not be a reason not to give blood. So, I have decided to give you some reasons why you should give blood as soon as possible through the American Red Cross.

1. One person’s blood donation can save up to THREE lives! I mean, come on, that is value if I have ever heard of it. We all want our donation to go far, and this one goes the farthest.

2. Donating blood may be one of the most convenient ways to change the world. Seriously, it costs you nothing. And, I would put money on it that there is a bloodmobile visit to somewhere within five miles of you in the next few weeks. blooddrive2

3. You get cookies and swag. When you donate blood, they give you cookies, juice, and snacks to keep your blood sugar up. AND, many places will also give you T-shirts, gift cards, etc., just for donating!

So, donate blood soon! You won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on “Three Reasons to Save 3 Lives Today by Giving Blood

  1. As a mommy and a ER doc, I will stand up and thank anyone who takes time to donate blood. This is a true gift of life. I agree that this is a donation that can change the world that comes with snacks.

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