Be A Lifeline

Almost 30,000 Americans take their own life every year. This number represents thousands of individuals that have intrinsic value and worth, but don’t realize they are valuable and that life is worth living for a variety of reasons.

You can help.

Obviously, this is a complicated issue and I am not trying to be over simplistic by suggesting that this is any kind of a permanent solution, but it could save one life. And one life is worth it. The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program has these printable cards with a suicide hotline number on them. You can print them, they are about the size of a business card, and distribute them or leave them different places. Suicide hotlines do help, and someone having access to one might be just what they need. So, please print these cards, and be a lifeline to someone that needs one.


2 thoughts on “Be A Lifeline

  1. This message came at the right time,I just read in the news where the son of Rev. Rick Warren committed suicide. I pray someone reaches out for help – thank you for posting this.

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