Cleaning Up Your Neighborhood

There are a lot of ways to reduce our own environmental impact. However, it is hard to feel like that is helping the environment when there are still so many people that litter and do other harmful things. One way that we can help to mitigate the effects of these actions is to participate in a neighborhood, beach, or forest clean up. Participating in a clean up is an easy and fun way to help the environment and make your town or city more beautiful. Unfortunately, even though clean up events happen all the time, they don’t get a lot of publicity so it is hard to know when they will occur. Here are some resources to help you. 

The EPA has compiled a list of clean ups of hazardous materials that may be near your community

The Ocean Conservancy mobilizes a number of beach clean ups, more information can be found here.

The National Park Service organizes a number of clean ups around their parks, all occuring at different times of year depending on the park being cleaned. You can check with a local national park ranger for the clean up dates at a park that interest you.

Lastly, many individual neighborhood and community associations organize clean up events around Earth Day and other environmental events, so try to look around your community for a clean up you can join. Or, you can start one and help mobilize even more people to action!


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