American Diabetes Association

I am an RA and my residents recently moved in. As a part of a “get to know you” survey that I left in their rooms before they arrived I asked them what their favorite cause or nonprofit is. I was really impressed by the responses and I found out about some great causes and organizations that I had either never heard of or only been mildly aware. Therefore, the next couple of posts are going to highlight some of their responses and how you can unite with these causes to help change the world.

The first cause is the American Diabetes Association. This is a very important organization in that they are on the forefront of funding research and raising awareness to help cure diabetes, as well as helping with public health measures to prevent type 2 diabetes and help people living with diabetes lead a healthy life. Personally, I would not donate money to this organization because they received only a possible 1 of 4 stars for financial accountability and transparency from Charity Navigator. However, you can still volunteer with the American Diabetes Association through their Online Volunteer Center and help fight diabetes. This is really cool because you can simply enter your zipcode and it will give you a variety of ways to volunteer in order to inspire healthy living, advocate for change and help with events.


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