Make a Wish

Another great organization that one of my residents loves is the Make A Wish Foundation. They grant wishes of children that have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. They grant a wish every 38 minutes! That is pretty crazy and pretty impressive. I personally know a child that was able to have their wish granted, and it is so cool to see the joy that it brought not only that child, but their entire family.

The great thing about Make a Wish is that there are sooo many ways to help them. You can donate airline miles, which is shockingly easy to do, to help fund the transportation to and from the wish for the family, you can browse wishes and choose to financially adopt a specific one, and you can even volunteer to help make a child’s wish happen! But that is just the beginning. They have a wonderful online “Ways to Help” page with easy and varied ways that anybody can help. I really encourage everyone to check this out. Make A Wish is literally making dreams come true for kids with life threatening illnesses.

Disclaimer: Make A Wish has received only 3 of 4 possible stars for accountability and transparency from Charity Navigator, so be sure to do your own research before you decide to give financially to them.


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