“…I was in prison and you came to visit me.” -Jesus

As part of my new internship, I get to meet with nonprofit organizations from all over the Atlanta metro area. I love it. This week, I met with one that has a wonderful mission but deals with a population that I overlook far too much. This organization goes into prisons and juvenile rehabilitation centers to do a wide variety of programs. Basically, they want to reach the population of people in prison with the love of Christ, but they do it through building relationships and teaching valuable skills or fun hobbies to people that are literally spurned by society. According to the Sentencing Project, over two million people are currently in a U.S. prison or jail. That is a higher proportion of the population incarcerated than most other countries. These are obviously people that have fallen through the cracks in some way or another. I am not denying that most of them probably did commit a crime that deserves punishment. However, how will they turn from that after they are released if they are never shown grace while they are in prison? Even after they get out, they will have to carry their crime with them to job interviews. So, this week’s suggestion of how to change the world is to show grace to these men, women, and even children that are locked away and out of our normal view. You can do this through prison ministries that exists almost everywhere. To find one near you, even internationally, check out this Prison Ministry Directory..


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