Man’s Best Friend

I read an amazing book about giving recently. It really caused me to reevaluate the way I view finances and God has used it to show me that I trust too much in my money and not enough in Him, and that a lot of people need the money in my bank account more than I do. All that to say, it was a good book overall. However, something I don’t like is that it put down certain charities or causes as being not as worthy as giving because they do not help people, or do not do so in the name of Jesus. I have friends that have a real heart for animals and choose to give back through volunteering their time with no-kill shelters. This should be lauded, not put down. Animals bring so much value to human life, not to mention their own inherent value. Personally, I love my dogs. Unfortunately, many are either neglected or their owners lose the ability to care for them. Therefore, today’s suggestion for how you can change the world is to help an animal in need through adoption or volunteering at a local animal shelter.

Through adoption, you can choose a loving companion for your family. For more information about this, visit Pet Finder, where you can get information about your local shelter, as well as find information on what pet may be right for you.

By volunteering at a local animal shelter, you get to show love to animals that do not get a lot of human contact, I have done this before- and it is so much fun! Another great thing is that, unlike direct human services, volunteering with animals usually doesn’t require a long-term commitment, so you could turn it into a fun group project on a Saturday with friends!

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