Light ‘Em Up 2013

I came across this idea on Facebook, and I love it. “Light ’em up” is an idea started by blogger Courtney Defeo in order to for her kids “to experience generosity in a way that strikes the depths of their heart. So, they will see Christmas is always about GIVING over GETTING. Light ‘Em up shows children of every age that they can be used to impact others.” I love how it is so simple yet clearly gets at a much more fulfilling purpose of the holiday season. This is a beautiful idea, and such a great way to show others love during the holidays. Basically, you get together a “Light ’em up” group of friends or family or, in my case, a small group, and do something to show love to others, whether it be baking cookies for a neighbor or volunteering to feed people who are homeless. The great thing about this is that, thanks to Courtney’s blog, it’s super easy. She has all kinds of resources, including a step by step planning guide, labels for “Light ’em up” gifts, and and a cute printable of 100 ways to shower your community with kindness.

So, this week’s suggestion for how you can change the world is to participate in Light ‘Em Up! Start by reading Courtney’s post and getting the resources here


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