imnotaturkeyI realize it is cliche to write a Thanksgiving-themed post the weekend before this amazing food-filled holiday. However, this has really been a few weeks in the making. Lately, God has really been showing me how much I really do have to be thankful for. I mean, seriously. Beyond what He has done for me spiritually, I have a family, friends, a job, an education. And, a bunch of little things that make my life great- like today I got to go for a walk and just sit by a river reading, soaking in just how blessed I am. My life is by no means perfect, and I do not mean to talk about how much I have in a “look-at-me” kind of way. This is just what’s been on my mind, and it definitely translates into something we can all do to change the world. We can live with an attitude of thankfulness and generosity.

This is something that I could definitely improve on. Last week, my pastor said how we can either build people up with our words or tear them down. Building them up can change the world for the better. Tearing them down, well, you get the idea. This relates to gratitude because our attitude is contagious. If we truly are grateful for the people in our lives, and make a point to express that to them, they will feel it. This will not only make them feel loved (and grateful), but consciously doing this will help all of us truly live out what we say we are thankful for.

I feel like expressing gratitude to our loved ones through our words toward them is especially important over Thanksgiving, but not because it’s the time when we are supposed to be thankful. Rather, our family relationships are often tense (I know a couple of mine are), so when we are with these people we may say at the table “I’m thankful for my family,,,”, but not show them that in the words that we use toward them, So, for this week’s suggestion of how we can all change the world is to actually tell people how grateful we are for them, and express our thankfulness in each word we choose to use.

Let’s build people up.

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