Advent Conspiracy

acAround Christmas, it is SO easy to get caught up in materialism. We want to find that “perfect” gift. Because of this, Americans spend $450 billion (with a B!) on Christmas every year. Have you ever thought about how that much money could be used to change the world? The amazing people at Advent Conspiracy have. They grew tired of the materialism surrounding Christmas and emphasize that we can give at Christmas time in a much more meaningful way to our loved ones, the way that Jesus gave. That is, we can give relationally- through time spent and words spoken, rather than expensive gifts. And, with all that money you save by choosing to give relationally instead of materially, you can change the world! This year, they have made it even easier by developing an app that allows you to give to an organization called IJM, which frees slaves or Living Water International, which frees slaves. All in Jesus’ name… I mean, what’s a better way to celebrate his birthday?

Here is a video they made to explain it all:

Disclaimer: I am purchasing material gifts for my family this year. However, I am trying to incorporate this idea by making a concerted effort to still give relationally, donate money to charities changing the world, and giving Kiva gift cards to my friends instead of starbucks or cookies like usual.


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