Finals Fury

charliebrownI just finished my last final today, and it feels great to be done and able to enjoy every last bit of the Christmas season now that school is out of the way for the time being. However, I am still seeing my friends struggle through endless studying, paper writing, and stress. Some of them literally shut down all normal activities, like sleeping, eating regular meals, and exercising because they are just too stressed to function. Obviously, this is a bad idea, but this post isn’t about that. Rather, it is about how you can help a stressed-out student in your life. It’s nearing the end of finals season for just about every college student I know, but there is definitely still that tense feeling on campus of people who have pulled all-nighters or who meant to and now feel unprepared. A good way to help them is to make a finals care package or a post-finals recovery pack.A care package could include items like

  • Coffee and chocolate (fair trade certified, of course :))
  • Fruit
  • Easy make-in-dorm meals, like soup or oatmeal
  • Focus-inducing scented candle

A finals recovery pack might also include

  • Bath salts
  • Sleep masks
  • Tea
  • A congratulatory note

I have one friend who is particularly stressed that could use either of these things, and chances are if you know a few college students, at least one of them could benefit. While this blog is supposed to be about changing the world, I truly believe that one of the best ways to do that is through making one person’s day. There is a ripple effect that happens as a result of loving acts. So, today’s suggestion of how to change the world is to make the day of someone you know who is taking finals, or is stressed for some other reason. You could do that through a care package, or some other random act of kindness.

How do you make your loved ones feel better when they’re stressed out?

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