A New Year, and a New Chance to Change the World

This is the time of year that everybody is making resolutions. Whether they want to lose weight, spend more time2014 with family, pray more, stress less… many people use the start of a new year to signal the beginning of the pursuit of a goal of some kind. I don’t love the idea of New Years practice that. So, if you happen to be pondering over a few goals to set for 2014… why not set a resolution to change the world? While this seems daunting, the entire point of this blog is that ordinary people can make an extraordinresolutions because 1. the start of a year is arbitrary, and achievable goals should be set and worked towards when they are most practical and 2. Life is a process, so forward progress isn’t measured by resolutions achieved, but by small successes along the way. That being said, I am an avid goal-setter and list-maker, so I really believe in the power of making achievable goals and then taking small, purposeful steps to make them happen, and New Years tends to be a time when a lot of people

ary difference by taking small steps to improve the lives of others. 

You can enact a resolution to change the world by making one change. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many all at once. Here are some ideas…

1. Only consume coffee and chocolate that has been produced ethically (which you can ensure through fair trade certification)

3. Mentor someone through a local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters2. Start volunteering one or two hours every week at a nonprofit near you.


These are just ideas. Everyone can find something to add or change about their life that will help them change the world for the better in 2014. As I learned through a pep rally in high school, the best goals are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound), so use those guidelines as you plan your world-changing ways.

What are your resolutions?

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