Snowed Out Atlanta

As you may or may not know, I live in Atlanta. As you probably do know, this city had a bit of a crisis when it snowed and caused literally the worst kind of traffic jam. People were stranded, a baby was delivered, I have multiple friends that had to drive/ walk an average of 10 hours in order to make what would ordinarily be about a 30 minute commute (I am lucky enough to live on campus). That being said, there are some pretty amazing stories that came out of it. People served in amazing ways: opening their homes to strangers, pushing cars, delivering food on foot along the jam-packed highways. So, today’s suggestion of how to change the world is to serve in whatever situation arises. While I was spending my snow days watching movies with friends, others were making it a point to serve the people in our city. And that is inspiring. So, please read this article: 20 Stories from Snowed Out Atlanta to see how great doing these kind of things can be.


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