Sharing Jesus

The single most powerful way to change the world is to share the love of God incarnate with the world. That is, to tell people about Jesus and what he did on the cross by dying for our sins and then rising to life three days later. This doesn’t mean that you are standing on the street corner questioning people about “where they will go when they die”. It is, however, a responsibility that we have if we have found joy and freedom in Christ that I personally do not take seriously enough. Jesus does not need us to make himself or his love famous. But, he has chosen to use us for this very purpose. We should care deeply enough about others around us that we want them to know the love of God. At church, I was really convicted when the pastor pointed out that 99% of us came to that church from another church, already having faith in Christ. The fact that more people are not there having recently (in the past 5 years that my church has existed) found this faith is a testimony to the fact that we are not necessarily doing our jobs. I am by no means advocating proselytizing or downplaying the importance of sharing your personal story of grace within the context of a real relationship. However, no one is going to know about Jesus if we’re just relying on our lives to tell the story. Eventually, we have to open our lips as well. The video below was a powerful reminder of this for me. It is long, but worth it.


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