Get wild!

zooDid you know that zoos use volunteers? Neither did I. Apparently, you can volunteer at most large zoos. Personally, I love animals but have never really been a zoo person. However, I am all about people giving their time towards something they love, and I know a lot of people love animals other than just the basic dogs and cats you might play with at the local animal shelter. So, when I heard that Zoo Atlanta (and many other zoos, upon further research), accept volunteers, I wanted to make sure you all knew about it! It sounds like a really fun way to give back to the community in some small way. It would also help you make connections with people that love what you love! If this is a volunteering opportunity that interests you, I have some tips for how you can get involved.

1. Make sure the zoo you volunteer with treats the animals well. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums maintains a

Best zoo-themed movie. Ever.

Best zoo-themed movie. Ever.

list of legitimate and accredited zoos. If the one you are looking at isn’t on it, then maybe try to find another volunteer option.

2. Make sure the zoo you volunteer with has some conservation program. I mean, what’s the point of keeping all these animals if we’re not helping them?

3. Don’t feel discouraged if you’re not assigned to feeding baby pandas (or any other really cool zoo-related task- feeding baby pandas is just my personal first choice). Everything you do as a volunteer is helping the overall mission, and that makes it significant!

Have fun! Let me know if you have had a great zoo volunteer experience!


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