Plan a Project

groupofvolunteersAs much as volunteers help nonprofits, they also use resources such as staff time and planning. So, a way that we as volunteers can help a nonprofit is to take some of that work out by providing a large chunk of volunteers all at once. This isn’t appropriate in situations that require extensive volunteer training or consistency. However, group projects at the soup kitchen, parks, or other organizations that sort, serve, etc. in large quantities can really benefit from people organizing a group to serve. So, this week’s suggestion of how you can change the world is to plan a group project. It is surprisingly easy- here’s a quick guide to how

1. Pick a group

This can be a club or church group you’re already involved in, or just a select group of friends. Bring up the idea of doing a service project with them. They will be able to provide valuable insight into availability, and might even have preferences of where to serve.

2. Find an organization

After talking to your group, find an organization that fits your needs and would benefit by group service. Oftentimes, organizations will have set volunteer shifts that individuals can bring large groups to.

3. Sign up for a date and time and notify your group.

Be sure to do this at least two weeks out so that people have time to clear their schedules.

4. Organize transportation, meals, gas, and other logistics

This might be as simple as finding out who can drive, or may be as involved as renting a van and ordering catering. Make sure you plan logistics and make the expectations clear.

5. Serve, and have fun!

Serving with a group of people you know and love makes it all the more fun! Enjoy the hard work you put into planning this event and rest easy that you are helping to change the world.

Planning can seem daunting. But, I promise it is a lot easier and more fun than you would expect. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments!


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