Feeling Patriotic?

specialopsHello! I hope that you have all had a splendid Fourth of July holiday! Mine was low-key, but very enjoyable and relaxing. As I was thinking about what to write about for this week’s post, I thought that something along the lines of July 4th would be appropriate. What’s a better way to show your American spirit than through supporting our troops? Some people seem to think that supporting troops means that we support the wars or the military of which they are a member. That is not the case at all. Regardless of how we may feel about the wars in which our country is participating, people that are risking their lives in service to this country deserve our respect, and our assistance. Especially in light of the recent news about the Office of Veterans Affairs, veterans and their families need our support.

Supporting the Special Operations Warrior Foundation is a fantastic way to help severely injured service members, their families, and the families of individuals that died in the line of duty. A lot of military support charities have a bad reputation for skimming a lot off the top of any donation for large CEO salaries, etc. However, SOWF does not do this. 85% of all the money they receive goes directly to program expenses. These programs include providing immediate financial assistance to injured service members, and providing life changing college scholarships to the children of people who have died serving in the military.

So, this week’s suggestion of how you can change the world is to provide financial support to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. It is a great way to make an impact by honoring people who risk their lives serving us.


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