Jubilee Partners

I spent all of this past weekend visiting Jubilee Partners in Comer, Georgia. This place is amazing. I mean, just being there I felt the presence of God and his love. So, I wanted to tell you about it.

Jubilee Partners is an intentional Christian service community. Primarily, they exist to serve refugees. They provide intensive services and housing to people who are refugees and especially high-needs. When I was there, I met people from the DRC and Burma. In addition to their comprehensive services, community, and peaceful respite that they provide to refugees, they are also an active service community. They host visitors (like me) that want to learn about social justice causes, they actively visit people on death row and advocate against the death penalty, and they help peace talks where needed. For example, one of the “partners” (community members) at Jubilee is about to travel to North Korea to take part in a peace-promoting delegation. Additionally, they are brainstorming ways that they can help the thousands of unaccompanied minors from Central America that are coming across the US-Mexico border to escape violence in their home countries. Not to mention, they are very environmentally conscious and grow a large portion of their own food. As much as what they’re doing is awesome, in order to really get a sense for how special this place is, you should visit. The people radiate the love of Jesus. They have nothing to prove, but are just really genuine, passionate individuals that are trying to love God and love each other in the context of service and community. I am definitely returning with some friends for one of their Sunday suppers and worship services, and I am in the process of trying to get my family to join them for their huge potluck Thanksgiving. As an additional note, they live very simply and in my mind are worthy of support. So, please check them out, help them out, and pray for Jubilee Partners whenever you can!

FYI: My trip is in no way connected to this blog, and I was not solicited to write this post. Hospitality is part of the ministry of Jubilee- which is why they were so willing to take in my mom and I for the weekend as visitors and volunteers.


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