Hereros by Sergio Guerra

herero 1I’m back from my travels, very happy and very grateful to have had such an amazing trip. You know those times when everything is just perfect? Besides a cold that so rudely infected me during the trip (I apologize to my hostel-mates that had to hear me cough all night), these past two weeks were perfect in every way. I want to share a piece of that perfection in the form of informing you about a photography exhibition, because I happened upon it by accident while traveling, and I believe this exhibit is world-changing.

herero 2Sergio Guerra, a Portuguese photographer (at least that’s the language his website is in), spent a good amount of time with the Herero people groups in Angola. The Hereros are actually multiple different pastoral groups in Southern Africa. Despite increased globalization and threats to their livlihood, they have maintained a truly unique and un-industrialized tribal culture.

I had never heard of them until I wandered into this free exhibit in Florence.herero 3 As someone completely outside of their context, I have a tendency to view them, a group that practices polygamy and refuses technology of any sort, as “primitive”. This exhibit entirely challenged me on that. The photographer did a phenomenal job at emphasizing his position of not-knowing, and really highlighted the beauty of a unique culture that has survived in the face of oppression.

This exhibition is world-changing because of the way it challenges Western views of morality and humanizes groups that are so often caricatured, if featured at all, in the media. I highly recommend you check this out if it comes to a city near you, and look online if it does not.




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