Help someone earn their GED

What does GED stand for?Goat Eating Doritos? No! General Educational Development

What does GED stand for? Goat Eating Doritos? No! General Educational Development

Without a doubt, education is one of the most powerful catalysts of sustained life change. Education can break cycles of poverty and exploitation, as well as improve less dire circumstance. Not to mention, a basic education is an absolute necessity for someone to obtain living wage employment.

But, what happens when someone’s education is interrupted (which can occur for a variety of reasons)? How can they re-try? Oftentimes, returning to a traditional classroom setting is simply not an option due to age or financial and familial obligations.

Enter our superhero of the week: the GED examination. If an individual passes this exam, they are considered to have a high school education by a large number of employers and higher education institutions. This exam gives people who had their chance for education taken from them or gave it up while they were high school age. It is a great opportunity. However, it is difficult. Starting in January of this year, a new GED test which emphasizes higher level thinking was implemented. In the adult education community, it is known to be much more difficult than the previous 2002 version. It is also computer-based, which could put some older learners at a disadvantage.

I am so grateful that an opportunity like the GED examination exists for the participants of the program for which I work. Also, I am grateful that my role in the program directly connects them to this opportunity through instruction and tutoring. I am seeing how much individualized and experienced attention can help someone reach this educational milestone.

Therefore, this week’s suggestion of how to change the world is to help someone earn their GED! There are three easy steps to do this:
1. Commit! Find a program that offers this sort of service and sign up as a tutor

2. STUDY! Familiarize yourself with the test and study materials for the test so that you can be the best possible assistance to those with whom you are serving.

3. Tutor! Form relationships, have fun, and know that you are helping someone reach sustainable life change and personal growth!

Have a great week! Enjoy changing the world!


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