Fall Friendship Favors

Afallnyone that has read this blog for awhile may already know this. But, while I love large-scale projects and advocacy, I am also a firm believer that even the most minuscule acts of kindness have a ripple effect that can change the world. Sometimes, they are really easy and really fun to do- we just don’t think about doing them! So, this week’s suggestion is to do something cute and fun for your neighbors or friends (I’m a dork and named these “Fall Friendship Favors”). During the holiday season, people expect love and goodwill (I hope!). So, why not surprise them and demonstrate it a little early?

Here are three ways to celebrate Fall with random acts of kindness.

1. Bake a big batch of pumpkin cookies and give them to friends, coworkers, neighbors, and (in my case) even your mechanic! They are so easy and cheap to make, and so delicious. Here’s a recipe

2. Bring hot coffee or tea to a chilly early morning meeting.

3. Collect fall leaves, iron them between wax paper, and make a Fall-themed notecard with them. Then, use this to write sweet friendship note to someone you know that needs encouragement. (Spoiler: that is everyone you know)

So, I hope these three things allow you to celebrate the dawning of this beautiful new season while spreading love.


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