Plant a Tree!

treeThis week’s suggestion of how you can help to change the world may seem a bit out of season. But, I recently learned that many trees do well when planted in Fall, just like Spring, because their roots have a chance to develop before the hot summer months. So, today I am suggesting that you plant a tree. Preferably a tree that will develop into a good climbing tree, for the kids, and us adventure-loving adults. How might planting a tree change the world, you ask? Well, it won’t do so immediately. But it does have some surprising benefits that can contribute to world-change. Here are a few…

savetheplanetplantatree1. Trees improve air quality

To break it down into a second grade science lesson… they breath in the bad and breath out the good.

2. Trees brighten a neighborhood

Studies have found that the crime rate goes down in neighborhoods with more green space and vegetation. This is very likely more of a corollary than a cause… but don’t trees make us all a little more peaceful?

3. Trees reduce stressplantingtree

Many studies show that after stressful situations, people recover faster and better in natural environments than in urban settings.

So, while this may seem like a futile activity. One small act really can change the world. Plant a tree this weekend. Even the act itself may make you a little happier and able to pass on that joy to someone else!

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