Pre-Holiday Twofer

Despite the fact that I am listening to Martina McBride’s version of Silver Bells as I type, I want to wait one more week before I overwhelm you with my love of the holidays and all of the opportunities to change the world that are associated with them. This blog likes to share information about world-changing behaviors AND ways to change the world. This post has both.

1. NPR recently did a story on the potential reasons behind relative lack of donations that have been pouring into aid organizations that are helping curb the ebola epidemic in West Africa. It is not only compelling but it delves more deeply into the question of “Why Your Brain wants to Help One Child in Need but Not Millions” than the typical head vs. heart explanation. It is awesome. Read this blog.

2. Because NPR consistently reports things like this, as well as gives a strong attempt to present unbiased news, which is rare nowadays, this week’s suggestion of how you can change the world is to become a sustaining member of your local NPR station. Unbiased news changes the world since awareness is a necessary precursor to action. You can be a member for even $5/ month, and they send you gifts in exchange for donations. Pretty easy.

Have a great week! Get ready for next week to begin a series of how you can change the world during the holidays.


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