salvationarmyOne of my favorite Christmas memories is when I went with my mom to take a large jar of coins accumulated from my family’s loose change into a store with a Coinstar machine to convert it into cash. We never made it inside the store, however, because my mom decided to drop it off with a Salvation Army bell-ringer. These bell-ringers and their red kettles have become a symbol of Christmas. Not only that, but they help to raise a lot of money for the Salvation Army. This organization that helps people in a variety of ways. They do everything from operating soup kitchens to sharing the gospel to providing adult education classes. The great work done by the Salvation Army is the reason why this week’s suggestion of how to change the world is two-fold.
1. Drop some money in the bucket
2. Do something nice for the bell-ringing volunteer! They are standing out there in the cold, oftentimes providing entertainment. So, why not bring them a hot chocolate?


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