Doing good is good for you!

healthNow that we’re reaching the middle of January, I imagine some people may be needing some help staying motivated to do those new year’s resolutions. If anyone has a resolution to volunteer more often, I have got a big dose of motivation for you: it will make you healthier and happier!

It’s not just that healthier and happier people volunteer more, but 76% of people report that volunteering directly led to their feeling better physically. Even more people, 94%, said that volunteering improved their mood. Volunteering can help improve your health by getting you to be physically active, reducing stress, and making you more connected to society (which, surprisingly enough, is a huge predictor of future health).¬†health

So, get out there! It really is addictive. If you don’t know where to start, browse around on this blog for a while to get ideas or create a profile on VolunteerMatch. There are PLENTY of people looking for volunteers, you just need to find the right fit.

Happy Volunteering!


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