Easter goodness

UnknownExcuse my cheesiness,,, I just really love holidays: This week’s suggestion of how to change the world (well, maybe just someone’s day) is to be a proverbial Easter Bunny. Bring Easter treats to your neighbors! I am suggesting this two weeks before Easter so that you have time to plan.

When I lived in a Russian Orthodox country, Easter was a huge. deal. Ever since then, I have loved the holiday quite a bit. It is a beautiful day to remember the dramatic sacrifice that was given on our behalf, and the even more dramatic miracle three days later that forever conquered death. easter-egg-treats

Bringing Easter goodies to your neighbors builds community, commemorates the holiday, and may even open up some margin for conversation about the holiday. If you already know your neighbors, you could even try inviting them to Easter Sunday service and lunch afterwards. I don’t know why, but Easter brings people to church that would ordinarily never think to come.

If you need ideas of what to make for your neighbors, you could try these Easter egg rice krispie treats that I plan to make!


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