Employment Opportunities for the Disenfranchised (and how you can help)

Happy Easter! Since my post two weeks ago was Easter-themed (and I missed last week….), I decided to talk about a way in which you can change the world year around, not just during this holiday season.

jobYou can help someone do anything. But, until that person achieves a living-wage job, they cannot reach complete independence. It is in our nature to want to be a productive part of society. However, there are certain segments of our population that are disproportionately affected by unemployment or under-employment due to education level, transportation, childcare difficulties, language barriers, and the like.

So… this week’s suggestion of how you can change the world is to help someone find or keep a job. This can look different depending on your strengths and the realities of the people around you. It might be driving someone around to apply to different places. It might be connecting them to local resources that have career-related programs, like Goodwill. It might be helping them write a resume or cover letter. It might even be you just coaching someone as to how to dress for an interview.

Also, if you are a business owner or manager, you can help this issue by hiring people without a diploma or GED. Every job now requires that someone have that credential. However, it is just not a realistic attainment for many individuals that would otherwise be excellent in a variety of positions. As mentioned, the GED test became significantly more difficult this year. Additionally, if someone is concerned about where they will sleep that night, how are they supposed to put their life on hold to study? Therefore, if you are an individual responsible for hiring, really ask yourself: does this position require the level of education for which I am asking? Many positions do. However, I am confident someone without a diploma can work retail effectively, because I did during high school, so we should give them a chance.


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