Post/ Tweet/ Instagram for a CAUSE!

Before I begin, let me start off with the disclaimer that I am not really a social media fan. I think I was born in the wrong generation, because while all of my friends are constantly posting on Instagram, I’m relegated to the basic use of Facebook to keep in touch with people that live far away. But, I know that virtually any other person in my generation could be considered a social media expert. So, this week’s suggestion of how to change the world is to use that talent for good! I’m not saying to use your personal accounts for an abundance of “clicktivism” type posts that may be emotionally stirring but possibly do little to help solve an issue. Rather, volunteer your talents to help small nonprofit market itself through social media. Large nonprofits have at least one staff person assigned to this task. However, small hand-to-mouth organizations often do not have the resources and manpower to establish a solid online presence. This is a sad fact, since many could use the awareness and donor base cultivation that comes through having a good online persona.

To volunteer in this way, look for small area nonprofits that you support. Then, see if they already have a good and consistent online presence. If not, simply email them to ask if they want some help (respectfully, of course). It might take a few tries in order to get a taker. However, volunteering in this manner is an easy way that you can help an organization… without even leaving the comfort of your couch!


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