“Mommies Without Mommies”?


I get the privilege, through my job, of walking alongside young women who are only survivors of trauma that are making some really difficult choices in order to improve their lives. Most of these women are also some of the most strong, passionate, and loving mothers I have ever met. They would literally do anything for their children and they put them first in all circumstances. I honestly feel so honored to get a glimpse into this amazing love, and it makes me so grateful to know that their children have such strong advocates. All of the aforementioned women are younger than what one would typically think of for a mother. One of these women mentioned a group she is in called “Mommies Without Mommies“. While the name is undeniably cheesy, that is what a lot of theseft-gift-guide-2eb0b3bceaa2c7c84c20077906109874 women are. I have the world’s best mom. So, when I have children, I know that I will lean on her to help me become the mother I want to be. However, not everyone has that built in family support. Therefore, this Mother’s Day, as you honor your mom, please also honor moms that do not get nearly enough credit for what they do.  If you do not know any young mothers that need support, look into volunteering with Mommies Without Mommies in order to help.

I hope you have a wonderful day honoring your mom and being honored by your children. Try to make it a Fair Trade Mother’s Day using this guide.

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