World-Changing Blogs

Happy Friday!

I am about to pack for a backpacking trip that will last until next weekend, so this will be my last post for two weeks until I return after the July 4 holiday weekend. I think this would be a perfect time to suggest some amazing other blogs out there that will definitely inspire you to change the world. These are some of my favorite things to read when I have some free time (or want to pretend that I do). Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order.

1. Jamie: The Very Worst Missionary

My supervisor when I lived with the Word Made Flesh community in Moldova showed this blog to me. It is not only hilarious, but also convicting. It is also really beautiful, because Jamie is actually vulnerable in her writing. It is affirming to watch someone else try to live a life of justice and worship, and stumble and fall and rise and succeed, just like we all do. I also really, really love that she makes ethical purchasing a huge part of her blog and life.

2. Kisses from Katie

I cannot adequately describe this girl’s heart for Jesus that is so evident through her story, Read this blog.  Katie moved to Uganda at 19 and is now the adoptive mother of 13 girls, and an excellent writer.

3. The Cry

This isn’t technically a blog… It is the archive of Word Made Flesh’s advocacy journal. However, these short and provocative pieces will not only inspire you to do something to change the world, but it will inspire you to love well and serve humbly as you are doing so.

So there you have it. After reading these gems, you’ll probably never need to look at this blog again. But just in case you do, I will see you in two weeks!!


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