Cultivate Collaboration

This week’s suggestion for how to change the world is something specifically for current stakeholders (be it employees, volunteers, etc.) at nonprofits and churches. You can make a huge difference by collaborating with others that are seeking the same thing as you, whether that is to help people in poverty, end homelessness, or assist survivors of sexual exploitation. Most likely, there are other organizations and people working toward the same goal. Unfortunately, sometimes there can be a disconnect even within the same city. Therefore, you can change the world through cultivating collaboration of individuals and organizations working on similar issues. This has a lot of positive effects:
collaboration1, It reduces duplication of services: If two organizations are doing the same thing in the same place, it may be a waste of valuable administrative resources that could be combined to serve both programs
2. It increases referral bases: For example, if one organization is an expert at food distribution, and another does a great job of signing up clients for government benefits, they can both serve the same clients for even greater results.
3. It creates a powerful force for advocacy and policy change. People are much more likely to get behind a policy change if multiple organizations with different perspectives are asking them, as opposed to one.

So, if you are involved in a church or organization, research others working in the area. You may be surprised at their willingness to brainstorm collaboration opportunities. You won’t agree on everything, but two is always better than one!


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