Random Snacks of Kindness

snackThis week’s suggestion of how to change the world is admittedly WAY less serious than last week. However, it can really make someone’s day. Most people live or work with others. Therefore, I suggest to raise the cheer by providing snacks, pizza, or some other treat entirely randomly. Make it a day that isn’t a birthday or last day or anything, just do it to be kind! Food is an intrinsically social experience. It has connected people together for longer than language. When you think about it, I am sure you will be similar to me in that a lot of your best memories involve sharing a meal with loved ones. How you do this can change based on the context of your life and who you are, but here’s some ideas:

  • Bring in a dozen donuts to your office one morning
  • Buy fun snacks for kids that you know to bring to school with their lunches
  • Randomly order pizza for a group you know will enjoy it!
  • Bring a fruit and veggie dip tray to share at an upcoming meeting that you’re dreading
  • Meet a friend for coffee and get him or her their favorite baked good when they’re not looking
  • Bake an unexpected dessert for your family

As you can see, providing random snacks of kindness (pun very much intended), requires just a few bucks and you will really raise the emotional temperature of the room. Relationships can be built through food, so give it a try! You might even make some new friends.


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