Make a Birthday Special

bday2Happy Friday! To be honest, the inspiration for this post comes from the fact that today is the tenth birthday of one of my favorite kids ever (a child of a family friend)! To celebrate, we’re going to go for pizza and cake and this girl could not be more excited. So, while it’s not so much a way to change the world as a way to just really make someone feel loved (which in my opinion, does change the world), this week’s suggestion of something positive to do is to make someone’s birthday extra special!

There are several ways to do this, and how you do it will vary greatly based on the person. However, the point is to go the EXTRA mile. For example, one year my roommate stayed up late the night before my birthday decorating our dorm room and it made my entire day! So, for someone you love that has a birthday coming up:
-Instead of just a card, send cookies. bday1
-Instead of a just Facebook message, call them and sing “Happy birthday”.
-Instead of justgoing to their birthday dinner, call ahead and have the restaurant decorate the table.

These are  just a few ideas of what you can do to make sure your friends and family feel loved on their special day. Birthdays are great, but they can also be hard if people do not feel like they matter. So, show people how much they matter, because they do.

Also, birthdays are fun. And who doesn’t like fun? Happy celebrating! Have a great week!

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