Redistribute Reading

prisonI don’t know about you guys, but reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Because of this (and the fact that I had to buy A LOT of books that weren’t textbooks during college), I have many books sitting on my shelf that I will probably not read again. That’s why I am excited to find out that there are MANY charities whose goal is to redistribute used books to populations that would otherwise not have access. The biggest thing to look out for when donating books is that the books you’re donating can actually be used by the organization’s clients. If not, Goodwill can sell them for $0.25 a pop and you won’t have to pay for shipping. In my research on this topic, I found several places that are really doing great things with donated books, but one especially stood out to me for their heart for the people they serve, and because as a Georgia resident, the Kelly Gissendaner case is a terrible thing to witness, so the prison population is on my mind Books to Prisoners is an amazing group which connects people who are incarcerated with books for a variety of purposes. As many of us know, reading can change our view and take us to another world… and I can’t think of someone who would want that more than someone who is in a place against their will. Here is a list of the types of books they want most.


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