Tell Your Story!

storycorpsStory Corps is an organization that archives oral history through many different voices sharing their story. Anyone can share a story, which is professionally recorded and then archived in the Library of Congress. This is such a valuable thing that does change the world for many reasons. One, it provides an opportunity for us to emphasize the histories of historically marginalized groups through high quality oral history. Also, it provides an opportunity for future generations to better know our current society’s culture, values, and stories. However, I think what could possibly be the most significant for me personally is that is provides an opportunity for intentional and recorded storytelling between loved ones that can be saved forever. This weekend I had the wonderful experience of interviewing my mom at a Story Corps booth. I had many reasons for doing this, like communicating that her story is valuable. However, a huge reason is that I want my future kids and grandkids to get to know a little bit of the awesome person that she is. I had two grandparents with dementia, and I would love to have a piece of them to know of who they are before that occurred.

All this to say, I believe that Story Corps is a wonderful initiative… and there are TWO ways that you can change the world through them

  1. Give

Story Corps is a nonprofit that relies on support. If you, like me, think that oral history and recording memories is valuable, please consider financially supporting them.

  1. Share your story/ interview a loved one

Your story has so much worth and value to the future. Consider sharing it through Story Corps. Also, think of who you know that has an interesting story or something that you would like to archive, and ask if your can interview them at a Story Corps booth! Story Corps has locations around the country and works with many partners to try to get geographically diverse participants.

Happy story telling!


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