Christmas Day

Hello there!

We are only one week away from Christmas. It is hard to believe! This pjseason is definitely busy enough without tacking on large charitable projects. But, I think we can all agree we definitely don’t want the holidays to be “all about us”. Therefore, I thought I would share a couple of ways that you can make a positive impact on the world on Christmas Day itself, each of which requires NO additional planning on your part. As you
celebrate with your family, you can easily incorporate these small acts in order to make your Christmas sustainable, solicitous, and just as sleepy… because PJs are required attire on Christmas.

  1. Recycle Wrapping Paperwrappingpaper
    Instead of just throwing it out, recycling can give new life to these festive scraps.
  2. Give a Plate of Christmas Dinner
    Many people, especially the elderly and people who are chronically homeless, spend Christmas alone. While you or your family may not quite have the energy or ability to invite someone into your holiday, there will likely be some leftovers from the foodtoneighbortraditional holiday feast. So, why not just drop them off with someone you know may be alone? It is a twenty minute act that can go far in telling someone t
    hat they are valued.
  3. Set the Tone
    One thing about ALL families is that they are crazy. Every person has a story of drama or hurt feelings. Due to high expectations and a lot of time spent together, the holidays sometimes magnify these feelings. So, you can be a huge game-changer in your family if you set a tone of grace, relaxation, and love. This can be difficult, especially when others may not match your tone right away. However, it cannot go unnoticed and can prove to create a better Christmas Day for your loved ones and yourself.

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