New Year’s Resolutions that Change the World

newyearHappy New Year! I hope you had a fun and safe holiday. Most people make at least one goal or resolution to begin a new year. Even though the most common and cliche resolutions are notoriously not kept by the Springtime, there is a lot of value in making goals to improve oneself. However, since so many people make resolutions (, I was thinking it would be really cool to make a resolution that not only improves oneself, but makes the world a better place as a whole. So, I have compiled a list of four potential resolutions you could make this year that would help to change the world

  1. Spend less, give more
    Being generous is hard when living on a budget. We, in our human mindset, become convinced that we cannot simultaneously be generous and be secure. So, this year, if we resolve to spend $_ less to give $_ more, we can give without giving up security. For me, it is easiest to set goals in percentage of income. For example, “last year, I gave away _% of my income. This year, I will increase it to _% of my income.”
  2. Recycle
    This seems so simple, but is so uncommon. Even if you already recycle at home, maybe resolve to save plastic bottles from events and locations that do not recycle. Or, set up a bin in your office. Maybe you don’t live at a place that has easy access to recycling, so your first step could be to find a recycling center to take your recycling to once per month.
  3. Commit to volunteering someplace regularly
    Whether it be monthly, weekly, or every other week, make time to give time. As an added benefit, people who volunteer are proven to be happier, which is the fourth most common New Year’s resolution.
  4. Shop ethically
    For me, this looks like not purchasing chocolate or coffee without a fair trade label. For others, this may be buying dolphin-safe tuna. Whatever you are passionate about, there is a way that you can spend your money in such a way that reflects this. Therefore, whether it be resolving to buy slave-free chocolate, or resolving to only buy local produce, become a thoughtful consumer in 2016

I hope that these help you set some specific and measurable goals that can change the world. Let’s make 2016 the best year yet!


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