Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service

Happy Friday! I am very excited about this week’s post of how you we can do something to change our communities. Spending Monday, January 18 serving your community with others is a way to make meaningful change in a short amount of time. We can all participate in the MLK National Day of Service!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been commemorated with a national day of mlkservice since 1994.  I heard about Martin Luther King Day of Service when I was in college. In high school, I basically used MLK Day as an excuse to relax or hang out with friends an extra day over the weekend… and I had know idea there was another purpose for it! However, now that I know, nothing seems like a more appropriate way to celebrate a man who led a powerful and necessary movement.

While we all can and do serve in multiple ways throughout the year, participating in a day of service with such depth and breadth can create exponential change. This is due to the fact that so many people participate. The sheer manpower that results from a wide scale service project can accomplish in one day what may take an organization’s regular staff and volunteers months to get done. Not to mention, it strengthens communities because MLK Day service events bring together people whose paths would not otherwise cross.

So, if you have MLK Day off from work or school, spend a couple of hours serving to honor the legacy of a man who served well.

You can locate MLK Day service events here. If you don’t find one near you, contact a local nonprofit to see if you can come in to help. Personally, I will be spending the day volunteering at a community center down the street which hosts an MLK service event annually.

P.S. I realize MLK Day isn’t for another ten days… but I wanted to plant the idea when you still have enough time to plan for it, should you decide you are going to partipate.


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