Support Small Business

small businessI had breakfast with a friend last week, and her passion for what she does is what sparked this post. My friend graduated college not sure about what she really wanted out of life. until she decided to be an entrepreneur. But, unlike some, she wants to be an entrepreneur whose company does what is right! She has started an upscale pet supply company (Mallard Made for anyone interested), but then made a point to use ethical manufacturing, and donates pet supplies to an organization that connects disabled veterans to service dogs.

All this got me thinking about the MANY small businesses that surround me. Seriously, they are everywhere. However, I more often choose to go to what I know: Kroger instead of the mom and pop grocery store down the street, Pep Boys instead of the service center I’ve never heard of. These chains offer reliability, yes. Yet I wonder what is lost when we choose to spend our money there instead of smaller businesses.

small businessWe could lose relationships, since many small businesses are more personable than the large chains. These relationships are valuable to all parties involved to maintain a strong sense of community. But even more than that, we truly do vote with our dollars, whether or not we consciously do so. When we spend our money to invest in small business, we are saying that we value a sustainable local economy more than a monopolized corporate one. So, I am challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone to support more local businesses, and this week’s suggestion of how to change the world is for you to do the same.

Have a great week!


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